Welcome to Belleville Wix Academy.

We are newly academised, since joining the Quality First Education Trust in August 2017.  The Trust is a Multi Academy Trust which was set up by Belleville Primary School. We are one of four schools in the Trust - Belleville Primary School, The Alton, Churchfields and ourselves.  Our executive head is John Grove, National Leader of Education.

Belleville Wix Academy is a one and a half form entry school, very close to Clapham Common in South London.  We share our site with ecole de Wix, a French primary school which is annexed to the Lycee Charles de Gaulle in South Kensington.  We are two separate schools, running three different teaching streams!  One class per year group, run exclusively by ecole de Wix, is taught the French National Curriculum; one class per year group, run exclusively by Belleville Wix Academy, is taught the English National Curriculum, and one class per year group is a bilingual class, which is shared between the two schools and run on a two-way immersion basis, whereby the children learn for half the week in French, based upon the French National Curriculum and half the week in English, based on the English National Curriculum.  Wherever possible, the bilingual classes share their learning across both languages and both curricula.  The class provision across the streams is individual but consistently fair and equal, as per parental preference and all children on site, no matter which stream, play together, share together, eat together and learn together at every opportunity. 

Belleville Wix Academy started life as Wix's Lane School in 1905 and, with the exception of a two storey extension built just before the First World War, the main building remains largely in its original form.  For an inner London school, we are well served for outside space and are very lucky to have the use of Clapham Common which is just at the top of our road.

Since academisation, we have worked closely with the pedagogical Trust Directors, as well as the staff at Belleville Primary School, which is also close to Clapham Common.  In this way, we are very fortunate to share the planning for and teaching of our children with a wide, specialist teaching community, whilst maintaining our smaller school, bicultural "feel." 2017 is the start of a new and exciting journey for us - one which we believe is to the benefit of all our children.

I hope that you enjoy browsing our website.  We are always happy to answer any questions and show people around if you wish to contact us on 020 7228 3055.

With best wishes,

Rebecca Osuntokun

Acting Head Teacher


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