Meet the WIX Team for 2017-18

Wix Leadership Team:

Mr Grove – Executive Headteacher
Mrs Osuntokun – Acting Headteacher
Mr Redman – Deputy Headteacher
Ms Coleman – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs David-Jekyll – KS1 and English Lead
Mrs Dunford – SENCo

Early Years Foundation Stage Team:

Nursery Starfish – Miss Gray (class teacher), Miss Hardy (NN)
Nursery Jellyfish – Miss Gray (class teacher), Miss Hardy (NN)
Reception English – Miss Fisher (class teacher and phase leader), Mr Millington (TA)
Reception Bilingual – Miss Mohammed and M. Bernard (class teachers), Mme Henni (TA)

Key Stage One:

Year One English Class – Miss Russell (class teacher)
Year One Bilingual Class – Mrs Dunford and Mme Hiblot (class teachers)
Year Two English Class – Mrs David-Jekyll (class teacher & phase leader)
Year Two Bilingual Class – Ms Binks & Mme Filloux (class teachers)

Lower Key Stage Two:

Year Three English Class – Miss Bevin (class teacher)
Year Three Bilingual Class – Mr Bain & Mme Hiblot (class teachers)
Year Four English Class – Miss Hawes (class teacher)
Year Four Bilingual Class – Miss Mansell & M. Latrèche (class teachers)

Upper Key Stage Two:

Year Five English Class – Mr Gale (class teacher)
Year Five Bilingual Class – Ms Hoggart & Mme Chatelain (class teachers)
Year Six English Class – Miss Scott (class teacher)
Year Six Bilingual Class – Ms Iyengar & M. Latrèche (class teachers)

Whole School Subject Specialist Teachers:

Mrs Ogunyemi, Ms Wilson and Ms Robbins – Specialist PE Teachers
Mr Rogers – Specialist Music Teacher
Ms ter Averst and Ms Green – Specialist Art Teachers
Ms Lambert – Specialist French Teacher
Ms Ryan – Learning Mentor/Family Liaison

Whole School Administration Hub:

Miss Holt – Office Manager
Mrs Gunning – Finance Officer/SBM
Mrs Flanagan – Administration Assistant
Ms Brathwaite - Receptionist
Mr Jefford – Premises Officer

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