making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

Meet the WIX Team for 2016-2017

I do hope you all have had a restful and lovely holiday with family and friends near and far. I would like to introduce you to the 2016-2017 Extraordinary Team at WIX Primary School.

As you know we have a brand new leadership team; we have all been working together in the last half term to ensure and develop a smooth transition and exciting plans for moving forward. It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Whole School Leadership Team and all teachers and staff for 2016-2017

Whole School Leadership Team/Hub:

Mr Grove – Executive Headteacher
Mrs Osuntokun – Acting Headteacher
Mrs David-Jekyll – Deputy Headteacher
Ms Binks – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Dunford – Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

The 'teaching and learning hubs' continue, with the class teachers supported by a team of professionals within their teaching hub, so that they have consistency and stability throughout the year. This is better for the children's learning as all members of the hub will have insight into the planning, teaching and learning, and can work as a team to achieve rapid rates of progress.

The Early Year/Foundation Stage Hub:

Miss Knight (Phase Leader), Miss Ford (Nursery nurse), Miss Hardy (Nursery nurse)

Nursery Starfish – Miss Russo (Class teacher), Miss Ford (NN), Miss Friday (TA)
Nursery Jellyfish – Miss Knight (Class teacher & Phase Leader), Miss Ford (NN), Miss Gray (TA)
Reception English – Miss Koh (Class teacher), Miss Hardy (NN), Miss Gray (TA)
Reception Bilingual – Mrs Marchesi and M. Bernard (Class teachers), Mme Henni (TA)

The Key Stage One Hub:

Mrs David-Jekyll (Phase Leader), Miss Tunesi (HLTA)

Year One English Class – Miss Green (Class teacher), Ms Pearl (TA)
Year One Bilingual Class – Miss House and Mme Hiblot (Class teachers), Mrs Coates (TA)
Year Two English Class – Mrs David-Jekyll (Class teacher & Phase Leader), Miss Marlow (TA)
Year Two Bilingual Class – Miss Bevin & Mme Filloux (Class teachers), Mrs Zurowska (TA)

The Lower Key Stage Two Hub:

Ms Binks (Phase Leader)

Year Three English Class – Miss Hoskins (Class teacher), Ms Tunesi (HLTA)
Year Three Bilingual Class – Mr Bain & Mme Hiblot (Class teachers), Mrs Zurowska (TA)
Year Four English Class – Miss Russell (Class teacher), Mr Gulston (TA)
Year Four Bilingual Class – Miss Mansell & M. Latrèche (Class teachers)

The Upper Key Stage Two Hub:

Ms Binks (Phase Leader)

Year Five English Class – Mr Gale (Class teacher), Mrs Doyle (TA)
Year Five Bilingual Class – Ms Iyengar & Mme Chatelain (Class teachers)
Year Six English Class – Miss Wagstaff (Class teacher), Mrs Marlow (HLTA), Mr Gulston (TA/SLA)
Year Six Bilingual Class – Miss Scott & M. Latrèche (Class teachers)

Whole School Subject Specialist Hub:

Mr Brown – Specialist PE and Sports Coach
Mr Rogers – Specialist Music Teacher
Miss Scott – Specialist French Teacher
Ms Ryan – Learning Mentor/Family Liaison

Whole School Administration Hub:

Miss Holt – Office Manager
Mrs Gunning – Finance Officer/SBM
Mrs Flanagan – Administration Assistant
Ms Brathwaite - Receptionist
Mr Jefford – Premises Officer

Whole School Midday Meal Supervisor (MMS) and Breakfast Club Hub (BC):

Miss McCann – MMS
Miss Murray – MMS & BC
Mrs Shepherd – MMS & BC
Ms Tunesi – BC
Miss Ramful – MMS
Mrs Mears – MMS

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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