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PTA call for Winter Fair (see News & Events > PTA News)


The PTA is asking for your help in making the upcoming Winter Fair a great success! Please have a look at the PTA News

23/24 Nov: School Art Exhibition


Please come to our school art exhibition

The children are very excited to invite you to an exhibition of their artwork on Wednesday 23 November from 3.15pm to 5.30pm and Thursday 24 November from 8.30am to 9.15am.

This special event will be one of the highlights of the school year and we know the children will be very happy and proud to show you their work.  The pictures have been professionally mounted, framed and catalogued, and will be displayed on special boards, allowing you to stroll around our real “art gallery” (the converted school hall!). The professionally framed pictures look fantastic. 

Your child’s framed picture will be available to buy for £8 (cash or cheque accepted) in support of school fund-raising providing you with an opportunity to take home a lasting memento. If your child receives Pupil Premium funding, we can arrange a supported price for you. Please speak to Vicki Holt in the Reception for more information. The pictures are for everyone to enjoy and remain ‘hanging’ for the entire duration of the exhibition.  Bought pictures will be distributed to the children the following school day.

In addition to buying your child’s Original Framed Artwork, Framed Copies, Notecards and Cotton Tote Bags of your child’s artwork are also available.  They all make an ideal gift for family and friends. 

Framed Original -  £8
Framed Copy - £8
Pack of 8 Notecards - £8
Both Framed Original & Notecards - £15 (save £1)

Cotton Tote Bag - £10
Both Framed Original & Cotton Tote Bag £17 (save £1)

Framed Original, Notecards and Cotton Tote Bag £24 (save £2)

Please note that Copies, Notecards and the Bags are produced to order and must be ordered and paid for at the exhibition or in advance via the office.  The order takes approximately 2 weeks to process and will be delivered to school.

There is no obligation to buy, so please help make this event special by dropping in between the times shown above and join us in celebrating the children’s work.  We know it will be an enjoyable experience for everybody.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Nicola Marchesi

(School Art Leader)

31 Oct: Secondary school application deadline TODAY


If your child is in Year 6, the time to apply for a secondary school place for entry in September 2017 has come! For all Wandsworth Borough schools the deadline for applications is today. You can apply online, your application form must be received by 31 October 2016.

You can find all information and access to the application form here: Wandsworth Secondary School Admissions (external link).

See also our own secondary school application page for more info and links.

14 Oct: Safeguarding Newsletter


You can read the newsletter about safeguarding at WIX on the News and Events > Newsletters pages here.

Changes to Breakfast Club Provision


Please note that from September 2016, the Breakfast Club will no longer be providing the drop-in provision. Please read the Headteacher's letter for more information.

More information about our Breakfast Club can be found on the Before and After School and School Meals pages in the 'Parents' section.


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