By applying for your child to join a club, you are confirming that you agree to the rules below.

  1. All sessions must be paid for in advance.
  2. All members of a club must have completed an application form at the start of the term before the session starts. Please ensure you enter on the application form, up to date emergency contact details, plus any medical notes on your child.
  3. Children must be collected promptly. Many providers and teachers have other lessons/meetings to attend to after the club and there is no provision for childcare, once the club session is over. Please note children are not allowed to be on the school premises unattended after the club finishes. If your child remains at school after the end of the club, and the school staff have explored every possible contact on file to get your child collected, the next option will be to contact the school Executive Leadership Team and in some circumstances, Children’s Services. Children who are collected late on two occaisions will be asked to leave the club. No refund will be given in these circumstances.
  4. Children are assigned to clubs on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. If a club is oversubscribed, your child will be put on a waiting list and you will be notified once a place becomes available.
  5. Disruptive, bullying or unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated. Children who are persistently disruptive and make no attempt to change their behaviour, will be asked to leave the club. No refund will be given in these circumstances.
  6. If your child fails to attend a club for whatever reason, no refund will be issued for that session or for any subsequent sessions they fail to attend. If a child does not attend two sessions, their place may be offered to someone else on the list. Unfortunately, if a school trip or activity clashes with a club session, no refunds can be given.
  7. Every effort has been made to ensure your child has an enjoyable experience with a qualified provider during school clubs. If you have any concerns/queries regarding your child and their club, please contact the club leader in the first instance. Please do not interrupt the clubs when in session. If the club leader fails to address those concerns or remains unsatisfied, please raise this in writing with the Deputy Headteacher (Mrs Callard). If the matter remains unresolved, the Deputy Headteacher will raise the matter with the Headteacher (Mrs Kodjovi-Stapp) at the earliest opportunity.
  8. Children must be collected from the front playground.

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